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Loving you
(Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller / Charles Blackwell)

Hang on to a dream (Tim Hardin / Charles Blackwell)

Will you love me tomorrow (Gerry Goffin / Carole King / Charles Blackwell)

Lonesome town (Thomas Baker Knight / Arthur Greenslade)

Who'll be the next in line (Ray Davies / Dave Davies / Arthur Greenslade)

Never learn to cry (Vicki Wickham / Simon Napier-Bell)

There but for fortune (Phil Ochs / Arthur Greenslade)

That'll be the day (Buddy Holly – Jerry Allison – Norman Petty / Arthur Greenslade)

The way of love (Al Stillman / Jack Diéval / Arthur Greenslade)

Tiny goddess (Alex Spyropoulos – R. Singer / Patrick Campbell-Lyons / Jean-Pierre Sabar)

Let it be me (Mann Curtis / Gilbert Bécaud / Charles Blackwell)

Empty sunday (Vicki Wickham / Simon Napier-Bell)


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